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woensdag 2 maart 2011

Burning Picture Hosni Benslimane in Berkan, Morocco

This is a video made in Berkane, Morocco. It is a pro-democracy demonstration  and they're burning Hosni Benslimane's picture. 

While watching this I was proud of the young men burning a picture of a very dangerous and powerful man in Morocco. I also felt joy; this is a major step in breaking free and crossing a significant line. Compare the burning of this picture to burning a picture of the right hand of Mubarak. I would like to add that I also got a little impatient because I just wanted that picture to BURN!

But who is Hosni Benslimane?

He is the head of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie. You can split the Gendarmerie in two segments : one segment covers public security and maintaining order, and we all know how 'Public security and order' is interpreted in Morocco. You don't know? Think sticks,bullets and jails.

Type in 'gendarme maroc' on youtube and you will see it for yourself. Video's of policemen taking bribes, clashes with unarmed citizens and beatings of peaceful protesters. 
The second segment contains the Makhzen;  the elite, security service bosses, tribal leaders, and top-ranking military personnel. The old guard of advisors, dignitaries and generals who became so powerful under Hassan II remain at the currents king side. They have one thing in common: corruption. And Benslimane is a big one . 

The Moroccan association for Human Rights officially accused Benslimane of torture. Moreover France had issued the following warrant:

 In 2006 France has issued international arrest warrants for  four Moroccans over the 1965 abduction of a high-profile opponent to Morocco's then King Hassan II, an event that has embarrassed the two nations for four decades. The head of Morocco's Royal Gendarmerie and a former intelligence chief are among the suspects being sought. 

Mehdi ben Barka, a hero for the international left, was kidnapped in 
broad daylight in front of the smart Lipp restaurant in the heart of 
Paris and his fate remains unknown. French investigators believe he was 

tortured and killed. (Reuters,2006)

Hosni Benslimane had everything to be succesfull on his side. His grandfather was from a prominent family from Fez, and foreign minister under Moulay Hafid, his uncle was Ambassador and member of the Council of Regency in 1955. His mother is none other than Hiba Khatib, Dr. Abdelkrim Khatib's sister, several times minister and founder of the current Justice and Development Party. In short, he comes from a wealthy family with close ties to the king.(TelQuel, 2009)
(See the shortened bio at the end of this article)

After the failed coup in 1972 against the late King Hassan II, Benslimane was promoted to commander of the Gendarmerie. His first task was the file managment ofTazmamart prison where the coup leaders were held under the ground. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tazmamart 
Communication with the prison was held by one of his guys: Commander Faddoul.(TelQuel,2009) 

I think I have given all the reasons why I was experiencing a feeling of euphoria when I saw his picture burning. He is the perfect example of the 'el qam3' or 'opression. This Hosni has imprisoned, tortured, killed and oppressed the Moroccan people for decades. 

He is one of the first figures in Morocco which we need to get rid off. Just like the Egyptian Hosni, this Moroccan Hosni has to GO.

1935. Born in El Jadida.
1957. Winner of the Mohammed V promoted the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).
1958. Goalkeeper then deputy president of the FAR team.
1959. High Commissioner for Youth and Sports.
1964. Commandant of the Auxiliary Forces.
1966. Commander of the Mobile Intervention.
1968. Director of the Directorate General of National Security.
1971. Governor of Tangiers.
1972. Governor of Kenitra.
1973. Commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
1992. Major General.
1993. Chairman of the National Olympic Committee.
1994. President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.
2003. General corps.

By Mariam El Maslouhi