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dinsdag 6 september 2011

Big protest scheduled by 20 February movement on September 11th in Morocco

Movement of 20 February  has called for demonstrations on Sunday, September 11tn in Rabat, the capital of the kingdom, during a press conference.

"We are calling for a protest on Sunday September 11th in the neighborhood of Yacoub El Mansour in Rabat to mark our come back the to social and political arena," said Omar Radi, the section of Rabat.

"We are determined to establish a real dialogue with the people in neighborhoods, unions and universities, not only in Rabat but in all of Morocco" he added.

 Omar Radi also said that "peaceful demonstrations are likely to be planned in other cities in Morocco to support the manifestation in Rabat.Another official of the 20 February movement section in Rabat said during the press conference that the manifestation is "independent and open to all political parties, as long as they do not call for violence."

Born in the wake of the Arab revolt, the movement includes the group Islamist "Justice and Charity" (Al Adl w Ihsaan), a political party in Morocco that is illegal but tolerated, the "cyber-activists" independent and far-left activists 

Despite a relative economic growth, Morocco faces serious problems such as unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, and great social inequalities.

Video announcing the manifestation September 11th
From the Mamfakinch website

Source: Lakome.com