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woensdag 25 mei 2011

Doctors, professors, medical students held sit in at Ministry of Health in Rabat

Today (May 25th) over 8000 doctors held a sit in in front of the Ministry of Health in Rabat.  They were all dressed in white blouses and wore a black armband around their left arm. The doctors were joined by medical students and hundreds of citizens who sympathize with their cause.
From the beginning the group was surrounded by police forces. When the group began a peaceful march to the parliament the police prevented the demonstrators from moving forward and attacked the first line of marchers.
The rumor is that the health minister would meet with representatives of the protesters, but after the police assault, they refused to meet the minister and demand a public apology before any negotiations.
Teachers and researchers of medicine did also strike today in solidarity with the doctors gathered outside the Ministry of Health.
Some pictures of the protest today: