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donderdag 2 juni 2011

Moroccan protester Kamal Aamari (30) dies.

Around 2:00 PM this afternoon in Safi, Morocco, Kamal Aamari died. Kamal was one of the protesters on Black Sunday, May 29th. On that day of protests security forces were relentless. Women, children, no one was safe. Lots of injured all over the country and one of them was Kamal.

Kamal, a 30 year old man, with a Physics degree and unemployed joined the protests. He went to the street for a brighter future for his family, friends but most important he went for his country. A country he saw torn apart by a few wealthy people. The country that raised him, the country he holds dear.

Kamal sympathized with the February 20th movement and belonged to no political party. A Moroccan citizen who loved his country and cared for it.

On that Black Sunday security forces used excessive force against protesters. The minute the protesters tried to gather to hold peaceful protests the security forces cracked it down immediately. Even before there even was a march they dispersed the protester and threatened them. In Safi the same thing happened. Police pursued the protesters into small alleys and beat them with sticks.

Lots of injured men and women, protesters were also arrested and quickly released. On that Sunday night Kamal was kidnapped and tortured by security men and dumped next to a public highway.
Doctors said he suffered from internal bleeding and a concussion. He also was severely inured to his eyes and the rest of his body was covered with bruises.

He walked around with his injuries until Tuesday when he went to the hospital. Out of fear that he would be prosecuted he waited to go to the hospital. On this Black Thursday he died.

When family and members of the February 20th movement heard of his death they gathered around the hospital.

The February 20th movement called for protest on June 5th. For dignity, justice, equality and for Kamal.

Source: Hespress.com