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vrijdag 9 december 2011

Gasoline seller dies of his injuries after setting himself on fire.

Mohamed Slimane was a 24 year old gasoline seller from the city of Nador, north of Morocco. On the 7th of December he set himself on fire as an reaction to the constant harassment of police officers trying to bribe him. They would confiscate his goods if he didn't pay the police officers. Witnesses also said that he was slapped by the police and insulted.

He died Friday 9th of December in the hospital.

There have been Slimanes before him and if there is no change in Morocco more will unfortunately follow.

The 20th February Movement demonstration in Morocco will be in honor of the martyr Mohamed Slimane.

Source: Lakome.com

Video: Demonstration in Nador in honor of Slimane.

Video: Graphic video of Mohamed Slimane on the ground..