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woensdag 14 december 2011

Moroccan King congratulates President Marzouki

قال لك أسيدي، خير وسلام، الملك محمد السادس هنأ الرئيس منصف المرزوقي، وأكد رغبة المملكة في دعم التجربة الديمقراطية في تونس . Via Hamza Mahfoud

Apparently the Moroccan King congratulated the new president of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki. He says that his Kingdom will support the democratic experiment in Tunisia. 

It's like Saleh congratulating the people of Egypt with their victory over Mubarak. Weird. 
I know Morocco differs from Tunisia, Egypt ect. I have heard that many times but when I look at what Morocco had in common I see a lot more similarities than differences.

I see that in Morocco all the wealth is in the hands of the elite; family, friends of the King. Just like the Ben Alis, Traboulsis, Mubaraks and Khadaffis.
I see that in Morocco 'outspoken' journalists are accused of being terrorists just like in Egypt. And Human Rights Activists are exceiled just like Marzouki was.
And I see that a child in Gaza gets better education than my niece in Rabat.

I could go on on..but I hope I made my point. 

It is silly for the King to congratulate Merzouki a man who fought almost all his life against a regime like His Majesties.