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dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

When our peaceful protesters go to jail.. Morocco will help to decide about Libya...


Ain't this a kicker!

Morocco will take part in the meeting in Paris to seek ways to 'help' Libya in rebuilding their country and is looking for ways to co operate with the new Libyan authorities.

And on the 22nd of August Morocco recognized the Transitional National Assembly as representative of the Libyan people.

 But our own peaceful demonstrators end up in jail, corruption is law, poor women give birth in the waiting room of hospitals, Marrakech is a wonderful place for pedophiles, women in villages get beat up if they speak up, journalists disappear, my dear friend got beaten up for attending a protest.. do I need to continue??

Don't get me wrong.. I am very proud of the Libyans and they fill my North African heart with pride! And I have a sticker of the flag in my room which I kiss every night before I go to bed. And I really hope Libya will prosper and rebuild itself.

Don't get me wrong once again.. I love Morocco and it's people but I see 30 million people are being oppressed and wanting what they achieved in Libya. To claim their rights and have their dignity, their freedom back..

So that's why I wonder what Morocco will do to 'help' the new Libya when Morocco is turning into the old Libya?