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dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Brutal attack on village women 200 km from Agadir, Morocco

Police forces attacked the humble village Ighrem 200 km from Agadir, Morocco. This violence came after the residents asked for jobs and the end of their villages isolation. The police attacked women and old people.  The first video shows scars of women beaten severely.

 The young people of this villages have no jobs opportunities and leave to go work in the big city Agadir and demanded their right for education and a bright future. The tribes gathered also to demand the release of four prisoners who were transferred to the city of Meknes.

The second video is of a woman who lives in the villages and explain the situation in the village of Ighrem.
The water pollution in the villages is a serious problem caused by a nearby company. The woman in the video says that they can't drink the water or wash their clothes with it. And even the cattle get ill from this water. The Makhzen tried to convince the youngster that they will take care of it but it wasn't the first time they demanded their rights. The people were persisted and then the attack followed. They have been complaining for a long time and the Makhzens answer were beatings.

Source Goud.ma