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zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

A poem out of love for the #Arabspring

With this poem I tried to show the human side of a warrior..

When his waiting would continueBy Mariam El Maslouhi

He would ask for a kiss,
And she would die in her sanity

He would ask for a touch,
She would drown in her vanity

He would ask for a word again and again,
No one told him she was deaf,

He begged,
Begged for an answer of any kind,
Her tongue would ache

He asked her to walk,
To walk until they would reach the sea,
To walk slowly towards the horizon,
She would run and flee into the desert,
And join the desert sun

He asked her to listen,
To listen to his poems and hundreds of songs written in her name
He would ask very politely
She hurried, and speak a language he did not understand,
She would use signs he could not unraffle

He questioned his love,
Trapped in his own web with a black widow breathing down his neck,

With her head held tight between his head,
Anxious, petrified, horrified and to frightened to wink his eyes,
Scared that she will run away again,
Run away beyond the desert, beyond life.

He would hold her head and search for the eyes that once burned down every dream,
Searching for the eyes that once sang his name,
The eyes that once colored his world,
The only eyes that allowed him to see flowers,
The only eyes that would grant him rest,
The eyes that cradled him, read stories,
The eyes that gave him a scent.

We would see him standing there again,
What he wanted was already asked for,
Everything he wanted to see was already seen,

He would ask where she went,
When he would hold her map,

He would ask for his lover systematically,
In his breathing, in his look, with every step,

He would ask for his old lover,
When she would stand before him with her ancient love.