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zaterdag 26 februari 2011

18 Arrested #feb20 movement members in Casablanca

The arrests took place at the bureau of the PSU (Parti Socialiste Unifié marocain). Where they held a meeting.  Saturday and Sunday more protests will take place in Morocco, to emphasize the urgency of democratic reforms in the country. We also learned that a sit-in is taking place at this moment before  the police headquarters in the city to demand the immediate release of detainees.
Here are the names of 10 of the 18 people arrested:
  • Amal Koumya
  • Marouane El Yousfi
  • Faisal Marzak
  • Abdeslam ElJouhari
  • Saousan Bourhil
  • Mongolian Housni
  • Amine ElBakili
  • Mourad ElKertoumi
  • Dalal Amina
  • Zouhaira Haraka