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woensdag 16 februari 2011

Demands of #feb20 Free Movement of Young #Morocco

Free movement of young Moroccans حركة الشباب المغاربة الأحرار

My dear friends, these are serious times and we are at crossroads. Recent events in Tunisia and Egypt  are set as examples to inspire us. Because these two countries, who are our brothers, said no, no to injustice no to corruption no repression no to tyranny ...
They expressed their demands loud and clear, they led a revolution which carried an universal message! A message of values of  freedom, dignity and millions of citizens have collectively expressed their strong desire to be free from tyranny and it is with the blood of the martyrs that they have changed the course of the history!

The French father of the revolution Robespierre said : "When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is for the people the most sacred and most indispensable of duties."

It is time for the Moroccan people to rewrite its history, and there is no doubt that the monarchy will make several concessions if it wants to be part of it.

On behalf of the Moroccan people we express the following claims:
1 - The development of a new constitution giving less power to the king, strengthening institutions and establishing a true constitutional monarchy.
2 - The end of the king's grip on the Moroccan economy through the private companies that control much of the economy
3 - The right to full freedom of expression.
4 - The right of the Moroccan people to know the origin of the immense fortune of the king.
5 - Ensure equal economic development and fair distribution of wealth. 

by Amine Alaoui(Free Movement of Young Morocco)
(translated by Mariammaslouhi)