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zaterdag 19 februari 2011



The Young Movement of February 20th would like to announce that the protests on Sunday February 20th are still on regardless of the ongoing rumors.

Reuters just released an article stating that:

 'A Moroccan youth movement that led calls for nationwide protests on Sunday has pulled out because of a disagreement with Islamists and leftists over the role of the monarchy, one of its leaders said.
With two friends, Rachid Antid used Facebook last month to start the Freedom and Democracy Now movement. Thousands of mostly young Moroccan joined in.'
The  Movement is supported by thousands of people online and still they based the above statement on three people; Rachid Antide (aka Spirit-Zata),Ahmed Hassan and Ahmed Qatib.
Rachid Antid claimed to be the leader of the February 20th Movement. This Rashid Antid had no right claiming to be the leader of this movement. The leaders of this Movement are the people of Morocco. And he had no right to sabotage and spread lies about the protests on February 20th.  
Also we blame these three individuals for selling out the #feb20 to the Security forces in Morocco. The Security forces are threatening to close down the internet on February 20th. And they’re sending text messages to people in Morocco and urging them to stay at home.
But we: 'The Movement of February 20th in Morocco' would like to stress that the protest are still on and that the people of Morocco are eager for 'The Day of Dignity' and change in our country.
Also the pulling out of these three individuals has no influence on the determination of the Moroccan people. Moreover, we are not afraid of the threats, on the contrary, they motivate and strengthen us.

The Youth Movement of February 20th